Vegas Games Tips to Gambling on the Strip

  1. Live Poker Games and Poker Tournaments are fun because of the social nature of playing poker.
  2. Blackjack is everywhere up-and-down the Strip including several swim-up blackjack tables in the Vegas pools. Blackjack on the strip usually has $5-$10 minimum bets, but can up to $25 minimum at the premium Vegas hotels during peak hours.
  3. Slot Machines are the most played gambling games on the Strip. With penny slots, nickel slots, dime slots, quarter slots, dollar slots and high limit slots the casinos have something for anyone looking to play the one armed bandits. The Vegas jackpots are meant to be eye-catching, as the money poured into the slot machines make-up the casino’s biggest source of revenue. The hot new multi-line playing state-of-the-art video slot machines are much more fun to play than the old machines that spun 3 wheels.
  4. Craps can be loud, fun and exciting when the dice are hot but quiet, stressful and boring when the dice are cold. A premium place to play craps is the Bellagio, where the glitz and glamor will have higher betting minimums and allow you a smaller cap on the odds you can place behind your bet. On the other hand, some smaller casinos like those downtown offer smaller minimums and allow higher odds to be placed.
  5. Roulette is a game of chance with black and red numbers and a variety of betting options. The simplicity of the game and the large stack of chips you can win at any moment is what makes it fun to play. At the same time roulette has a considerable house advantage so play it leisurely but just not for too long.
  6. Las-Vegas-LuxorPai Gow Poker is increasingly popular with Asian players.
  7. Sports Book in Vegas allows you to bet on practically any major sport taking place around the world. Most popular is betting on football and the NCAA March Madness. 
  8. Keno is like playing the lottery, it can be fun to play a few times but you rarely win.
  9. Caribbean Stud and Let It Ride are other table games that use a deck of cards.
  10. Video Poker is simply playing poker on a machine as you try to hit the royal flush. Usually played jacks-or-better so this means you need at least a pair of jacks to win. You will see these machines all over Vegas, including at many diners and convenience stores.

Many other gambling games exist at the Vegas casinos. Often, the easier a game is to play will mean it is more of a tourist trap with huge house edges built into them. For example, it is common to give up over 20% odds to the casino when playing Big Six, which is a wheel-of-fortune type game allows players a chance to guess where the wheel will stop.