Las Vegas Jobs and Employment Tips

  1. If you are thinking about moving to Las Vegas finding work should be one of your top priorities so a little online job search goes along way to helping you see what job opportunities exist in Vegas.
  2. Obviously gaming operations employ a large number of employees to run the thousands of gaming tables. For example being a blackjack dealer or roulette croupier can be a possibility for those good with numbers.
  3. Blackjack dealing schools and poker dealing schools are located in several places around Vegas. The several hundred dollar investment in a casino training school will teach you to deal like a pro and increase your chance of finding employment.
  4. Looking online for employment is rapidly becoming the best place to start your job search and visiting the individual casino sites will provide you a link to their employment opportunities.
  5. Go to the human resources division of each casino, some like Harrah’s is actually a larger company that operates many casinos. Employment agencies are also an option and can often speed up the process of searching for work.
  6. Once employed, you may find yourself doing something else than what you applied for at first like cleaning. Do not worry, you can often switch jobs easier once you are employed by that casino and have shown your commitment to your job and you resemble the type of person they envision for that position. Be persistent, committed, on-time and use your networking skills and you will be doing the job you want hopefully soon enough.
  7. Work Permits are mandatory for certain positions so immediately after being hired the Human Resources division will show you how to get a work permit. The Vegas work permit is the Sheriff’s card and you will get it through the Vegas Metro police offices. Additional permits are needed if your job will involve serving alcohol, if you will be handling or selling alcohol, or if you are handling food.
  8. Top casino employment pay is made by the managers and floor supervisors who have the most responsibility. Dealers do very well especially the poker, craps, blackjack and baccarat ones. The location of the casino and action at the tables make dealing at one of the newer casinos advantageous as they attract more players and better tips. Low salaries make dealers depend on tips so many try hard to give each patron great service.
  9. Many casino positions require joining a union, but this is not the case for dealers, cashiers, security and office staff employed by the Vegas casinos. Medical insurance varies from casinos but it usually available to employees after a certain amount of time, and often requires a cost to the employee.
  10. Newer casinos often attract employees from the older casinos so there is often positions opening at the second tier casinos.

Vegas jobs vary but are mostly related to hotel, casino, and tourism. Turnover as employees transition to other casinos makes for high turnover and so openings for positions are always available but the competition for an open job can be high as well.