Las Vegas Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the legal age for gambling in Las Vegas? The legal age for gambling in Nevada is 21 years old. Casinos are very strict about now allowing underage people to gamble because they can lose their gaming license if they break this rule. If you are underage, than you are not allowed near the gaming machines or tables though you can walk through the gaming area on designated paths in order to get to another part of the casino. If you are underage and win money or a jackpot expect the floor personnel to ask for ID, and when discovered that you were underage you will immediately forfeit any winnings. You are not even allowed to have a person under 21 with you while you are gambling. So it is illegal for even a spouse, child or friend who is under 21 to just watch you play.
  2. What is the legal drinking age in Las Vegas? The legal drinking age is 21 in Las Vegas. The 21 years old drinking age is something that is generally strictly enforced at restaurants, bars, nightclubs and casinos. Restaurants allow minors to eat with legal drinkers. For example, parents who might be drinking are allowed to bring their children to the restaurant, but the parents are not allowed to share their drinks with any minor. Bar areas are off limits to minors. Most nightclubs are 21 and older and ID’s are checked at the entrance. A few “under 21” dance clubs exist in Las Vegas, but alcohol will not be served in these establishments. Overall Las Vegas has liberal drinking laws as they want to promote people to have a good time as long as they are responsible. The penalties for DUI’s and disorderly conduct from alcohol are strong and expect heavy fines, time in jail and loss of license if you are convicted. It is illegal to openly drink on the sidewalks of the Vegas Strip, however this law is not strictly enforced.
  3. Las-Vegas-DesertIs smoking permitted inside the Las Vegas casinos, bars and restaurants? Smoking is not permitted around food, so at restaurants, bars and lounges serving food you will not be allowed to smoke. Many bars and lounges do not serve food so smoking is permitted. Generally speaking, smoking is permitted at the casinos, but recently many casinos have completely gone smoke free. To find out if a place allows smoking look for ashtrays and signs that say whether or not you can light up a cigarette in that area.
  4. What rules do the casinos have about cell phones and cameras? Cell phones are allowed throughout the casino except in the sports book betting area. Some poker rooms do not allow players to be using a cell phone while in the middle of a poker hand. Cameras are allowed to be with you inside the casino, but you may not take any pictures of the gaming areas or gaming machines. The photography rule is strictly enforced so do not try taking pictures of your friends gambling unless you want to get in trouble.
  5. What is the weather like in Las Vegas? The Las Vegas weather is hot with very low humidity. With Las Vegas being located in the Mojave desert, the hot, non-humid weather creates what is known as a dry heat. The summertime can be extremely hot reaching over 110 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and about 70 degrees Fahrenheit at night. The winter is much more mild, with daytime temperatures around 60 degrees Fahrenheit and nighttime temperatures in the mid 30’s. Rain in Vegas is rare, with the annual precipitation being around 4 inches.
  6. What is the dress code in Vegas? The dress code around Las Vegas is generally casual, meaning sneakers, jeans, t-shirts are usually acceptable anywhere you go. The exception to this is at certain Vegas nightlife areas, higher-end restaurants and a few showrooms that may require a dinner jacket or cocktail dress. Clubs often will not allow people wearing sneakers, ripped jeans and t-shirts to enter but this often varies from club to club based on the time of day, how busy the club is at the moment or the preference of the doorman. Casinos often use a substantial amount of air-condition so when inside you may need to bring a long sleeve shirt, sweater or light jacket in order to stay comfortable.
  7. What is the public transportation options available in Las Vegas? Vegas transportation is very visitor friendly from the moment you step off the airplane and prices are very reasonable. Buses move about the entire city including from the airport the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown. The buses run up and down the entire length of the Vegas Strip every ten minutes with many stops to get you near your destination. Trolleys run along the Strip as well stopping at each major casino every 15 minutes. The Las Vegas Monorail is an excellent option for moving from one area of the Strip to another quickly. Taxis, which can only pick-up and drop-off passengers at the front of casinos when around the Strip, charge $2.20 for the first mile and $1.50 for each additional mile regardless of the number of passengers. Taxis have a small extra charge for trips to and from the airport.
  8. What is the tipping etiquette in Las Vegas? Vegas is really a service based city that caters to visitors. Most employees depend on tips to make a living wage. Gratuity is always optional, but highly suggested. Standard tipping at restaurants is 15% for good service and 20% for outstanding service. Tip cocktail servers and bartenders about $1 per drink, though tipping 50 cents a drink is acceptable if ordering a few drinks at a time. As would be expected, a slightly bigger tip to a bartender or cocktail waitress may result in faster service on the next round. At the buffet it is customary to tip $1 per person in your party. At the casinos, a dollar or two for winning a hand playing poker is customary or about $5 an hour to dealers at table games. I generally like tipping more to dealers who seem to enjoy their job, do not mind having conversations with players and who efficiently run the game. At the hotel, it is customary to tip housekeepers a couple dollars per day and Bellmen a dollar or two per bag, with a cap of around $10. Tip taxi drivers a couple of dollars for any ride under $15, especially if the taxi driver was courteous and drove safe. In general tipping is a good practice as it is a nice way to say thank you to someone who helps make your trip more enjoyable.
  9. What time zone is Las Vegas in? Las Vegas is in the Pacific time zone, which is eight hours behind Greenwich Time. Pacific time zone includes California, Oregon, Washington and Utah in the western United States. Las Vegas is three hours behind the Eastern time zone which includes New York, Washington D.C., Boston, Miami and Philadelphia. Vegas uses Daylight Savings Time, occurring during mid-march and early November.
  10. Where can I find a post office in Las Vegas? The three main Las Vegas post offices are located on the Vegas Strip, Downtown and near the McCarran Airport. The one nearest the Strip is at 3100 South Industrial Road (800)275-8777 which is directly behind the Stardust and Circus Circus casinos. Downtown head to 301 Stewart Avenue. If you are near the airport, mail those packages at 1001 East Sunset Avenue.