Las Vegas Strip Youtube Videos

  1. The Strip from flyovers to gambling to bachelor parties are all well documented on Youtube.  What can I say, Vegas is not only Sin City but it is also is well known for its meaningful slogan, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas“. Check out a few of my favorite Strip videos showing some of my favorite entertainment options.
  2. The Strip is the place to see a show because the performances are captivating, just check out one of my favorites the Blue Man Group.
  3. It is also very likely you will see an Elvis or two everyday on the street, but if running up to the last one to get your picture taken with him does not quench your desire to see those hips shake than this is one show that would really kick off your blue suede shoes.
  4. Bringing a video camera with you to Vegas has some benefits, but can create some pretty damning evidence if it gets into the wrong hands.
  5. Take it from me, gambling is more fun when you are winning so knowing the rules before you play is always recommended.
  6. Daredevil Evil Knievel was a pioneer in Vegas entertainment and many greats have followed in his tracks… over the fountain at Caesars Palace.
  7. New Years Eve on the Strip is cool, with fireworks being set off from all over town. Better yet go to one of the casino roof clubs like the Rio’s.
  8. Music stars rock the stage on the Strip, so do your homework and you will be rewarded with a hot show like Britney Spears put on
  9. Stratosphere is tall as it towers over the middle of the Strip between downtown and the more action filled west side. Pay a few bucks and you too can be spun around at high speed thousands of feet off the ground. Heres a tip, go easy on the buffet before you hit the rides.
  10. Flyby over the Strip in a Helicopter and you will get a rush of lifetime and a view unlike any place on Earth.

Vegas Youtube videos can be a great place to get an idea of what you want to experience in Las Vegas before you arrive.