Visit the Las Vegas Zoo

  1. The Southern Nevada Zoological-Botanical Park is more commonly called the Las Vegas Zoo is certainly a change of pace from the frenetic pace of the Vegas Strip.
  2. Vegas Zoo is only 15 minutes from the Strip. Take the rent-a-car and head north-west, yield to lions crossing the road.
  3. Plenty of shade, for both you and the animals. Vegas is a desert after all so bring the sunblock.
  4. Lions, Tigers and Concessions..oh my. The Vegas Zoo has 150 plant and animal species which will use up at least 10% of your digital camera’s cardflash.
  5. We all love a good deal, and all you have to do is print this $2 Vegas Zoo coupon and you will be the envy of all your friends. 
  6. It is always better to see snakes in a cage than on the hiking trail.
  7. The Zoo is cheaper than most other activities or entertainment in Vegas.
  8. Pandas! No, not really, but the San Diego Zoo is 6 hours away so be happy with all the other wonderful animals.
  9. Supporting a non-profit is cool, the Zoo is managed by 501 (C)(3) Nevada Zoological Foundation
  10. Ice cream and cold drinks because nothing is better on a hot day than teasing monkeys with your mint chocolate chip ice cream cone.

Not for everyone, buy a trip to the Vegas Zoo will give you at least one G-rated story to tell your parents when you get back home.