Las Vegas Guide Tips

  1. Gamble Responsibly.
  2. Drink Responsibly.
  3. Tip attendants, drivers, dealers and servers fairly.
  4. Know about all your transportation options including monorail, cabs, shuttles, buses, cars and walking.
  5. Las-Vegas-HarrahsSearch around for a good deal. Casinos will go to great lengths to attract gamblers, couples and families to Vegas so they often have very competitive rates.
  6. Do not play the slot machines in the airport terminal, they pay out at the worst rate compared to anywhere else in Vegas.
  7. Vegas has something for everyone, but pace yourself when you start doing too many somethings back to back.
  8. Do not try crossing the Las Vegas Strip Boulevard unless you are at a corner in a Vegas crosswalk. The Strip is a busy road with plenty of distractions for drivers. When walking, always wait for the signal to tell you to safely cross the street.
  9. Drink plenty of water. If you are walking outside you will notice how dry the air is in the desert. Your body needs plenty of water and rest so make sure you remember to sleep every once in awhile.
  10. Go to Vegas with friends. The Strip really goes off when the party is going with several of your friends around to share the experience. Remember, whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Las-Vegas-Street-CrossingThe Vegas Strip guide can get you familiar with what Vegas has to offer. Check out this information and you will be ahead of the game and ready to have fun in Las Vegas. And a final tip, if you are planning a leisure trip to the Las Vegas Strip then let the most up-to-date visitor guide show you how to enjoy the best of Las Vegas, Nevada. Now go ahead and enjoy reading this Las Vegas guide for the best all broken down in easy to read top ten lists. Understand that everything written in the Vegas Stripping guide are just tips, hopefully these recommendations turn out good for you during your vacation but please do not get upset at me if your Vegas buffet prime rib was a bit cold.or your Vegas room was between a Vegas bachelor party and a Vegas wedding couple.  A final Vegas guide tip, plan on having plenty of fun during your Vegas vacation leisure getaway!