Las Vegas Adults Only Entertainment

  1. Vegas Strip pools are awesome. Where else can you get some heat relief, improve your tan and play blackjack? Not to mention the ridiculously hot and plentiful eye candy lounging around the Strip casino pools. The pools make any man or women feel like they are in singles heaven. But to get the full flavor visit the Vegas adults only pools like Bare at the Mirage. It certainly is worth the small cover to hang with women going topless to improve their tans while guys flex their muscles in water volleyball. Remember to stay hydrated and not just on alcohol. On the weekends get ready for the pool party of your lifetime, but remember that just because the enclosed atmosphere of the pool area makes you feel like you are trapped in Cancun you are still in Vegas so tip the smoking hot waitresses well.
  2. Stripper action at the local gentlemen clubs. Easy to find that simply asking your cab driver to take you to one means your cab fare is gonna be ultra cheap as one is invariably right around the block. Though picking out the one with the hottest dancers, best environment and fair prices makes your night that much better.
  3. Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas. However escort services are not and these adult entertainers are numerous as they make up almost 200 pages in the local Las Vegas Yellow Pages.
  4. Brothels believe it or not are legal in Nevada, though they are not legal in Las Vegas or the county the city resides in. Brothels made popular again by recent TV shows are a short drive from the Strip and one that many bachelor parties include in their recreation plans. 
  5. Sex shops are always an option when you need to restock on protection or you have convinced your partner to experiment a little with that freaky costume that you are unsure whether you look more silly than sexy. To no one’s surprise, sex stores with – not surprising some of the country’s largest inventories of anything and everything – are strategically placed all around the Vegas Strip and you will likely have no trouble finding one if looking for one.
  6. For a little more high brow adult entertainment, check out some of the local Vegas Strip theaters including Planet Hollywood’s Peep Show, La Femme and for the ladies Chippendales at the Rio and the Thunder from Down Under at the Excalibur.
  7. For a once in a lifetime opportunity, take a pole dancing class.
  8. Get some good eats and enjoy the scenery at Luxor’s Cathouse, where famed chef Kerry Simons serves superb fine dining amidst lingerie dancers and European style bottle service. You realize they really knew how to wine and dine in 19th century Europe and that they also knew a thing or two about sensuous adult entertainment.
  9. Las-Vegas-Palms-CasinoPlayboy Club at the Palms Casino Resort is the only place Hugh Hefner’s playmates are going to be dealing you in and the games at this adult playground are ones you do not want to miss.
  10. When the Strip is winding down the Pussycat lounge at Caesars Palace is just revving up. Enjoy the absolute hottest girls and sexiest dancing at this Vegas Strip adults only favorite

With plenty of Vegas adults only entertainment options on the Strip you should have no trouble at all fulfilling your wildest dreams but remember a few things.

  1. Do not drink and drive.
  2. Keep your eye on your wallet or purse.
  3. Use the buddy system, do not wander around Vegas alone.
  4. Do not break the law or you might end up visiting the less than luxurious Vegas jail.