Vegas Strip Girls

  1. If you are looking forward to seeing tens of thousands of girls packed into the Vegas Strip every day then the Las Vegas Boulevard is the place for you. The lady scene on the Strip is one of the hottest places on the entire planet. Romance, love and passion arrive daily as women coming from all over the world enjoy the many leisure activities Vegas offers like the nightclubs, casinos, shows, shopping and just about anywhere else besides the sports-books.
  2. Speaking of shows, many guys would recommend attending one of the many seductive revues performed daily. With plenty of erotic and suggestive dancing, these extremely sexy and artistically beautiful women and men perform along with music for your viewing and listening pleasure.
  3. Gentlemen’s clubs are a part of Vegas and one that is popular destination for some visitors to Vegas. At the same time, the clubs are generally disliked by the casinos who want to promote the family-friendly Vegas. A favorite for bachelor parties, the Vegas strip clubs are usually very upscale with each having its own vibe. Badda Bing! – Can-Can Room – Cheetah’s Topless Lounge – Club Paradise – Crazy Horse III – Déjà Vu Erotic Ultralounge – Deja Vu Showgirls – Diamond Cabaret – Girls of Glitter Gulch – Little Darlings – Olympic Garden Cabaret – Palomino Club – Play It Again Sam – Rick’s Las Vegas – Sapphire – Sheri’s Cabaret – Spearmint Rhino – Talk of the Town – The Library – Treasures – Velvet Lion. If you are not specific to your taxi driver, he will likely take you to a strip club that pays him a commission. To be specific know where you want to go ahead of time.
  4. Visitors to Vegas make up the majority of people you are going to meet. Vegas is one of the ultimate party cities in the entire world so finding women looking to dance, dine and have an all-around good time is never that hard.
  5. Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas. This fact is often misunderstood by visitors. Popularized by a recent television show are the 30 legal brothels in Nevada.  Because Las Vegas resides in a county that makes brothels illegal, the nearest one is about 60 miles away north-west towards Reno and Carson City. Two of the closer brothels from the Las Vegas Strip are the famous Chicken Ranch and the more luxurious Sheri’s Ranch.
  6. Adult entertainment is big business in Sin City. If you are looking for some companionship all you have to do is open the newspaper and you will see phone numbers and website addresses for thousands of Vegas escorts. Expect to be handed a little pamphlet for escort services that are handed out to nearly any adult pedestrians walking along the Las Vegas Strip Boulevard. The strip cards advertising Vegas girls direct to you often show a picture of beautiful women models, but these pictures are normally very misleading and the women you get will usually look completely different from the girl in the picture. Warning: The escort service business makes for an easy target for anyone looking to rip off tourists. Similar to many large American cities, robberies can happen in Vegas, so be careful and take precautions.
  7. The secret to meeting people who might be interested in light conversation and a fun night one the town is at the casino lounges, casino bars and blackjack tables. The big clubs are full of women but it is often hard to have any sort of conversation with the music blasting. Instead, try these smaller more casual places like the Mandalay Bay’s Island Lounge and Red Square or order have a casual lunch and a tropical cocktail at the Hawaiian Marketplace. Another favorite place to meet women is the piano bar at New York New York’s The Bar at Times Square. A good strategy for meeting girls at the pool bars, lounges and the blackjack tables is to talk a little and than plant the seed to hopefully meet up later. Vegas is where people come to have fun, so be ready to enjoy yourself. Every once in awhile take a moment to soak it up…take a deep breath, look around, enjoy the ride – Las Vegas moves fast – and have an awesome time.
  8. If you and your friends got cash, get a VIP area at the nightclub. The several hundred dollar per bottle service will surely attract ladies to your area. If they are there because of the free drinks, they are gold diggers or they are there to party will be something you have to figure out on your own. VIP service does include some personal attention from the bouncers, hostesses and servers so enjoy all the attention, you are paying for it after all.
  9. One place to meet people in Vegas is at the shopping malls. If there is anything that regularly attracts women in the afternoon its the air conditioned hallways of the Desert Shops and Fashion Show Mall. While your at it, pick up some clothes and gear for your big night out on the town.
  10. Vegas girls are everywhere so bring a confident look, a gentlemanly swagger and a respect for others.