Las Vegas Strip Arcades

  1. Gameworks is action, excitement and variety all rolled into one. If you want the best arcade in Vegas than you will find it right on the Vegas Strip and with its climbing rock wall visible to everyone walking by the arcade attracts plenty of visitors.
  2. Circus Circus arcade is huge with plenty of redemption games and classic arcade hits. Make your way through the largest permanent circus in the world to the 2nd floor and you had better be ready for a huge variety of games totaling more than 200 easy.
  3. ESPN Zone because sports games against your friends are hard to beat, especially when your basketball shot is on fire. Air hockey, boxing, football, basketball, baseball and racing games keeps the heart pounding with excitement while you may need to hold your breath in some amazingly realistic shooting games. ESPN Zone is more geared to grown-ups, as every game comes with cup-holders to hold your alcoholic beverages.
  4. MGM Grand follows the expression “Go Big or Go Home” and provides gamers a massive arcade that has that perfect something for just about everyone. Redemption, skill, video and virtual reality games provide a full blown gamers dream. The MGM Grand is huge, so making your way through this 171,000 square foot gaming mecca to the arcade can be tricky, just remember head towards the back and downstairs.
  5. New York New York is often considered by publications as the best arcade in Vegas and for good reason. 32,000 square feet of gaming pleasures features 8 player Daytona racing simulator, laser tag and hundreds of arcade games. New York New York arcade is called the Coney Island Emporium in respect to one of the greatest amusement parks in American history.
  6. Monte Carlo with less than 100 video games and redemption skill games but it is near the Street of Dreams shopping area so mom and dad can have something to keep them busy while the kids get their high paced gaming fix.
  7. Slightly off the Strip is the Timeout Arcade at the Orleans and the Sports Zone at the Las Vegas Hilton’s North Tower both of which provide plenty of video games and virtual reality games.
  8. A few miles down the highway is the Green Valley Ranch with several air hockey tables and over 50 video games.
  9. Its all Fun and Games at the Rio’s notable arcade that has a nice mix of skeeball and basketball redemption games, video games and virtual reality games. Find this ultra cool Vegas arcade in the Masquerade Village shopping area near the Voodoo Lounge.
  10. Sahara Pit Pass Arcade has over 100 games which are very interactive and is conveniently located near the fun Cyber Speedway racing simulators. The upstairs arcade closes at 8pm but makes for an awesome afternoon gaming spot.
  11. Bellagio has less games but the games they have are high quality and provide plenty of entertainment for a half hour or two.