Best Las Vegas Buffets

  1. The Buffet at Wynn is the standard by which all Vegas buffets are now measured. At $35 you will get the buffet of your dreams.
  2. The Buffet at Bellagio is one of those around the world affairs with the absolute best from every location. Enjoy Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Italian and other favorite ethnic cuisine prepared by world class chefs. Try not to fill up on the wood-fired oven pizza, because the meats and seafood are so big and so juicy.
  3. Le Village Buffet at Paris is one of the more expensive Vegas buffets though the food is on par with the highest standards you would expect from French chefs. A crepe for dessert is highly recommended.
  4. Rio’s Carnival World Buffet gives you the most choices of any Vegas buffet and those choices represent tastes from around the globe. Locals from Vegas regularly vote the Carnival World Buffet as the best. 
  5. The Mirage is never far off the pace of the best Las Vegas Strip buffets and many regular buffet visitors leave Vegas with the thought that the Mirage’s Cravings Buffet was one of the best they have ever been to. Imagine piles of jumbo shrimp and mouth-watering prime rib. As one of the most expensive, Cravings The Ultimate Buffet Dining Experience is worth it because of the consistently high food quality.
  6. Seafood lovers will find their perfect buffet at the Rio. The hugely popular Village Seafood Buffet is decked out in nautical gear and the focus with most of the selections involve snow crabs, oysters, shrimp, oysters, swordfish, salmon, lobster, clams, and seafood based salads and soups.
  7. Planet Hollywood is an excellent option with foods from all over the world and delicious salad and soup options. Some unique international dishes that include Middle-Eastern, Asian and South American cuisine.
  8. For under $15 the Stratosphere Courtyard Buffet serves your standard items at a great price. For a few extra dollars, the Friday seafood buffet is a great value.
  9. Harrah’s Flavors Buffet with made to order steaks is reasonably priced from $15-$25.
  10. MGM Grand Buffet is like everything else at this Vegas casino really, really big. Enjoy excellent service and dine on this one-of-a-kind all-you-can-eat Las Vegas buffets that is full of ribs, steak and shrimp.