Vegas Nightlife Tips

With over 40 nightclubs in Vegas the amazing nightlife is the ultimate bliss if you know how to play the game. With about 40 million visitors every year, the key to unlocking the city’s best nightclubs, lounges and adult-only entertainment is understanding a few basic things.

  1. Saturday night is the biggest night of the week, and lines can be more than two hours long at the hottest spots like the nightclubs HAZE, Tao and the Bank. Often, waiting in lines like this can really be a buzz kill, and make your big night instantly forgettable.
  2. With so many nightclubs you would think there would be some places that do not have lines. The truth is on Saturday night, nearly every major place to be at has some sort of line because if the club is hot, then it is surely already full of people wanting to dance, drink, see and be seen.
  3. Options to help get into the top clubs. Get there early, yea it isn’t always the coolest or the most practical, but usually you can get in quicker before the rush and then stake out a valuable location.
  4. The clubs’ doormen and host can make or break your evening. Do not think you can talk your way into the club just because your a big-dog back home. These doormen have heard a million guys or girls like you before so usually they don’t want to listen to you in the first place. Instead, often being polite, looking sharp and waiting patiently usually is the best approach. You can try the cool approaches you have seen in movies, and usually these approaches ensure your group does not get into the club at all that night.
  5. Tipping the doormen in Vegas is a bit different than you might think at first. The $20, $50 or $100 handshake which in most places around the United States gets you into the club, but in Vegas, it is different. Only after you have been granted access to the nightclub do you tip the doormen.
  6. VIP line passes are often sold online for less than $50 and are usually legit in helping you feel somewhat more special. The VIP pass gets you into the VIP line, which is usually a bit shorter. There is also something called VIP hosting services which costs much more. These hosts escort you around Vegas and with their connections whisk you inside of each place. These VIP hosts are not cheap, but for real ballers who have the money to spend than this is certainly an option.
  7. Bottle service is very common at the Vegas nightclubs because its luxury appeal, making even certain groups stand out amongst the upscale crowd. Demand for bottle service is so prevalent in Vegas, that tables can be hard to reserve or can be overbooked by the management. With prices usually $300 to $450 per bottle, plus gratuity and tax and the cost of the table (table fee, not charged in all clubs), bottle service is big business for the club. The bottle service usually includes a private host, servers and bouncers that are responsible for making sure your group is well taken care of all night. Each table at many clubs require a two bottle minimum, and a maximum of three people per bottle.
  8. Bachelor, bachelorette and birthday parties means your group is gonna need to be getting a table, so call ahead and reserve one in advance.
  9. Bottle service to your table comes with mixers, so your expensive vodka will have orange juice, cranberry juice, tonic and everything else.
  10. Individual drinks usually run from $9-$20 at the bar, and waiting to be served at the bar takes time. Bottle service works out to a bit more per drink, but to truly enjoy Vegas nightlife bottle service and VIP tables are pretty much the norm.