Vegas Strip on a Budget Guide

Vegas is surprisingly one of the best places to go on a budget, with deals everywhere for food, shelter and entertainment.

  1. Enjoy the free things to do in Las Vegas as most Vegas casinos have created mini-tourist attractions that both please hotel guests and attract visitors into their casinos.Bellagio-Las-Vegas-Entertainment
  2. For food, many of the middle class casinos offer New York strip steak and eggs cooked to order for a couple dollars very late at night into early morning. Cheap late night eats was a common part of old school Vegas, as casinos would offer cheap meals to entice gamblers inside late at night.
  3. The Vegas buffets can be great way to save when enjoying the Vegas Strip on a budget. Many buffets are set-to attract players into the casinos, so often the cost of a very high quality buffet is around $10 – $15, though the best buffets on the Strip can cost over $30. There is always value in filling yourself up on crab legs, prime rib and blissful cuisines from all around the world. For desserts the fresh strawberries soaked in rich chocolate fountains and French crepes are always favorites.
  4. You obviously have come to Vegas for some entertainment and just because you are on a budget does not mean you can not see the best Vegas shows. Several same day ticket sale spots exist that give great discounts on tickets which can save you a significantly often getting around 50% off the price on the ticket.
  5. Las-Vegas-Casino-RoyalGambling on a budget is actually possible as well. My advice is get good value for the money you have set aside to gamble with by playing in games that take up some time. For example Vegas poker tournaments allow a small investment, often around $30 – $60 to play and you can often enjoy playing for a couple hours and with some luck you could win a lot more than it cost you to buy-in.
  6. If you want to gamble at a casino you should realize that the bigger ones have higher minimum bets. For example, during peak times the Bellagio may only have open $25 minimum blackjack tables. For small time gamblers, that is a hefty sum to wager on every hand. However, there are many casinos that offer smaller bet minimums. The most popular one for college aged kids looking for cheap gambling is the Casino Royal across the Strip from the Mirage. With some of the best betting odds in Vegas, the Casino Royal is also popular with serious gamblers. For example, $1 minimum bet roulette – with 100x odds, $0.25 roulette and $2 blackjack make for a fun time for those looking to have some free drinks and do some gambling.Las-Vegas-Cheap-Casinos
  7. Las-Vegas-MotelOften staying off the Strip can reduce the price of your hotel or motel room considerably. During holidays, spring break and NCAA basketball Final Four demand for hotels skyrockets and prices are much higher. If you are the backpacker type and don’t mind low end sleeping arrangements than the cheapest Vegas rooms would be at the Vegas hostels. Expect about 20-40 per night at any of the several hostels, some of which are very close to the Strip. If you need a hotel, you can often get a 4 star room for under $175 per night.
  8. Public transportation in Vegas is very good with plenty of options for those looking to get around the city cheaply. For a couple dollars per ride or get a day pass the Vegas trolley buses will move you up-and-down the Strip, Freemont Street, Vegas Hilton and the convention center all day long. Additionally, the city buses branch out to all other areas of Las Vegas and surround towns.
  9. Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam are great day trips from Vegas and getting out of town for a day could be both memorable and easy on the wallet.
  10. An In-N-Out burger, fries and a drink is one of the best fast food deals you will find helping out your budget and filling your stomach. There is one located on Tropicana and one on Sahara both a few block west of the Vegas Strip.