Vegas Airfare Tips

  1. Cheap flights to Las Vegas are everywhere online because the city relies heavily on tourism and gambling revenue.
  2. Southwest seems to have reliable service and often the cheapest airline tickets to Vegas International Airport.
  3. Casinos often offer their regular high rollers free flights.
  4. Searching online for the cheapest tickets will often net you a flight to Vegas for a couple hundred dollars.
  5. Booking your hotel along with your flight can save time and save you money.
  6. Buy early to get the cheapest flights. Book your flight at least two weeks before the date, though earlier than that can often save you more money.
  7. Be flexible with your dates and you may find a big difference in price between one or two days.
  8. Mid-week flights are often cheaper, and note that in Vegas the typical Saturday stay over does not matter at all.
  9. Avoid flying during the busiest holidays, but if you must then definitely look to book a flight early.
  10. Even if you are flying one-way, check the price of a round trip flight you would be shocked to see how often it is cheaper to go round trip than one-way.