Las Vegas Airport Transportation Tips

  1. There are many cheap flights to Vegas online so searching the usual websites will probably get you a flight to Vegas cheaper than most other cities. Put it this way, Vegas is desperate for visitors so the casinos promote low cost airfare to encourage tourism.
  2. Located just over a mile from the Strip is the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport.
  3. Plenty of public transportation including taxis, buses and casino shuttles. Welcome to Vegas, remember you are in the land of gratuity, tip the driver.
  4. Car rental options with every major car rental company with locations at the airport or you could drop some serious cash and rent an exotic car so you can cruise up and down the Strip in style.
  5. Every major airline has direct flights to Vegas from just about every major city because when we like to party we do not always have time for layovers.
  6. Slot machines in the terminals, but warning the machines are set at very low payout levels because they know it is desperation players hitting the one armed bandits one last time before jetting Vegas.
  7. Internet Access Points.
  8. Sufficient parking.
  9. Close to Highway 15 and Highway 215.
  10. McCarran Airport transportation serves Las Vegas, Henderson, and the surrounding areas of Clark County and other locations in southern Nevada.

Vegas McCarran International Airport is one of best airports in America simply because it is low cost, operates efficiently, close to major highways and it is near passenger destinations like the Strip Casinos or Henderson.