Vegas Strip Crosswalks Guide

The Las Vegas Boulevard has to be one of the busiest streets in America, so the simple task of crossing the street is not always the easiest thing to do. The good news is the Strip is set up for pedestrians with its wide sidewalks, well-marked crosswalks and elevated crosswalks.

  1. Las-Vegas-Elevated-CrosswalkAlways use the crosswalks and wait for your turn to cross the street. Remember, the Las Vegas Boulevard has plenty of distractions for drivers. Keep your eye on your children. Do not assume drivers are automatically going to stop for you just because you are walking in a crosswalk.
  2. The elevated crosswalks are the safest way to cross the Strip and can be found in many heavily traveled spots. Each has an elevator for wheelchair accessibility and parents with kids in strollers, but the majority of people use the stairs or escalators to get to the walkway above the street. Elevated crosswalks locations:
    • between the Tropicana – New York-New York – MGM Grand – Excalibur at the four corners of the Tropicana Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard intersection
    • between the Bellagio – Bally’s – Bill’s Gambling Hall – Caesars Palace at the four corners of Flamingo Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard intersection
    • between the Venetian – Mirage
    • between Treasure Island (TI) – Fashion Show Mall – Wynn – Venetian
    • between City Center – Planet Hollywood.
  3. Las-Vegas-CrosswalksSidewalks can be found in front of every casino along the Strip and usually along both sides of any road intersecting with the Strip. The sidewalks can get crowded especially at intersections.
  4. Every day dozens if not hundreds of workers stand on the street passing out cards to anyone walking by. These cards are actually adult-only advertising for Vegas girls direct to your door in 15 minutes with a telephone number and a picture of a barely clothed female. These guys are almost unavoidable as they are all over the Strip and are constantly trying to catch your attention by snapping the cards
  5. Pay attention to pedestrian traffic signals, and not only when in the street crosswalks but also in the driveways to the Vegas casinos on the Strip. These driveways are very busy with rental car tourists, taxis and buses that they are plenty dangerous to pedestrians not paying attention.
  6. The elevated crosswalks offer a pretty good vantage point for cool views of the Strip, and it is not uncommon to see visitors snapping pictures from them.
  7. Watch for cars, buses, taxis, limos, motorcycles, scooters, small trucks, trucks with advertisements and the guys and gals who splurged on driving their dream machine with Vegas exotic car rentals.
  8. Alcohol impairs judgment, so if you have been drinking be extra careful when crossing the street. From May until the end of summer average daytime temperature outside is almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit so drink plenty of water.
  9. Las-Vegas-Pedestrian-WalkingFrom Mandalay Bay to the Stratosphere is almost four miles. Because of the large scale size of all the casino buildings the distance between them appears much closer than it actually is. The crosswalks themselves are only as long as the street below them, but those streets are expansive with some having over ten lanes.
  10. Pedestrian crosswalk safety begins with being alert, cautious and following the traffic signals. Commonly visitors from New York who are less accustomed to waiting for the OK to walk signal venture out into the street putting themselves in harm’s way. This is not Manhattan or the Bronx, drivers in Vegas expect you to follow the traffic signals and they are often distracted looking at the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, the Coliseum and the Bellagio Fountains.