Las Vegas Quick Weddings

  1. The Paris Hotel and Casino brings the flavor and charm of the world’s most romantic getaway to the Vegas Strip. A wedding ceremony at the top of Paris’ Eiffel Tower overlooking the Strip will be surely be a memorable wedding.
  2. The cheapest Vegas marriage option is $50. The Marriage Commission of Las Vegas performs what is commonly known as a desk wedding which can be either a civil or a religious service.
  3. The Little Church of the West regularly wins the Best Wedding Chapel in Vegas award and for good reason. A small, but well landscaped piece of land directly on the Strip and the gorgeous little chapel make the best romantic wedding pictures you will find at any marriage chapel.
  4. Las-Vegas-Little-White-ChapelThe Little White Chapel is probably the most famous Vegas marriage destination. Many celebrities including Michael Jordan have made this place one of the most booked Vegas wedding locations. The entire ceremony might be quick, but the relatively low cost, friendly service and cute chapel makes it popular. If you are in a real hurry then the Little White Wedding Chapel’s infamous drive-thru wedding experience might be the Tunnel of Vows you are looking for.
  5. Venetian’s gondola weddings, chapel weddings and those taking place on the Bridge overlooking the Grand Canal are popular for those looking for a little romantic Italian style in their marriage ceremony.
  6. Bellagio weddings take place in one of their two opulent chapels which in the Bellagio style is expensive, romantic and picturesque.
  7. Mandalay Bay is well known for hosting large events and if you are going to have a large Vegas wedding that is high on the elegance meter then this is the place for you. Similarly, Caesars Palace’s wedding chapels are equally glamorous and provide facilities for larger wedding parties.
  8. Las-Vegas-Elvis-WeddingTheme weddings are popular in Vegas. Some of the best themes involve Elvis Presley tying the knot, Star Trek, Gothic, roller-coaster and pirate wedding ceremonies.
  9. Vegas weddings list must include the historic Flamingo, which offers 6 different venues and nothing tops a wedding photo than pink birds in the background.
  10. Wynn is one of the newest casinos and their professional wedding coordinators will make your special day a dream come true.

Over 100,000 Vegas weddings take place each year which is more than 5% of all the weddings in the United States. Known as the Marriage Capital of the World an honor earned because of how easy it is to obtain a marriage license, the quickness to tie-the-knot and the relative cheapness of having a Vegas wedding ceremony. Quick Vegas weddings come in many different forms with marriage ceremonies in Las Vegas that can be pricey and luxurious, quick and cheap or somewhere in between. Making the decision between a high-end Vegas casino wedding or a smaller chapel will be based on how much your willing to spend, how many people plan on attending your wedding and if you want a specific theme. Remember, you must obtain a marriage license before your wedding.