Las Vegas Strip Travel

Top Ten Reasons You Want to Visit Fabulous Las Vegas

  1. Larger than life Vegas Strip hotels and casinos that offer high roller accommodations and entertainment for all their guests. World class Vegas casino gaming action is easily accessible from thousands of Vegas rooms that offer amazing rates to attract visitors.
  2. The saying “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is the theme behind the fast paced partying characteristic of the Vegas Strip. Here is one of many Vegas travel tips you will find on Vegas Stripping: When in a city that never sleeps, plan on pacing yourself.
  3. The Vegas shows are headlined by incredible performers. Enjoy the world’s best singers, actors, comedians, magicians, bands and entertainers on a daily basis.
  4. Delicious Vegas restaurants vary from the world’s top steak houses to the world famous all-you-can-eat seafood buffets.
  5. Vegas Strip nightclubs are the hottest dancing and partying locations on the planet. With the famed Vegas Strip nightlife, the after-party in the Vegas lounges are the stylish place to be until sunrise.
  6. Relaxation, sunshine and cool water invite those who enjoy lounging around large tropical paradises. Expect Vegas pools to have have all the leisure comforts like waterfalls, water slides, palm trees, swim-up blackjack and cocktail waitresses. Another daytime option, a well though out tee time that beats the summer heat can make Vegas golfing one of the best Vegas activities.
  7. Las-Vegas-Srip-DaytimeFigured I would save lucky number 7 for gambling, because in Vegas casino games are everywhere. Knowing how to bet responsibly and intelligently can improve your betting experience. Learn the rules and basic strategy for any gambling games you intend to play at the casinos. The best Vegas poker games are found at many of the largest casinos.
  8. Various Vegas adults-only entertainment occurs around the clock that can seductively entertain both men and women. Hollywood has made the Vegas bachelor party scene gain a famous reputation, and for good reason with beautiful Vegas girls entertaining at the many Vegas strip-clubs. Similarly, bachelorette parties often include watching the muscular Chippendales show and having fun taking pole-dancing classes.
  9. Over a hundred thousand Vegas weddings take place annually. Beginning with the easy to obtain Vegas marriage license, quick, inexpensive and legal unions are available almost 24 hours a day with ceremonial options that can include Elvis Presley, pink flamingos or a Venetian gondola.
  10. For family vacations Vegas has something for everyone. Vegas kids have futuristic Vegas arcades and the Vegas Zoo, dad has his Vegas sports betting and Vegas poker tournaments, and mom has outstanding Vegas shopping options.

Vegas Stripping is all about one thing, separating the best of the Vegas Strip from the rest of the Strip.  The time you spend in Vegas is finite, so you do not want to be wasting anytime at second rate places. The top nightclubs, amazing shows and best casinos are the most fun and that is what this Las Vegas Strip guide is here to show you. Enjoy the many top ten tips that will guide you through the maze of excitement, bright lights and good times. From rock and roll to gambling you need to know what you are getting yourself into before you are immediately overwhelmed with temptations and choices.

Las Vegas Activities

  1. Las-Vegas-Hotel-EntranceGambling is clearly the number one Vegas attraction. The list of Las Vegas Strip casinos thrive on the millions of visitors each year that agree gambling is the number one activity when they visit Sin City. Everywhere you look inside the Strip casinos thousands are rolling dice, deciding red/black and playing the increasingly more electronic and exciting slot machines. One-armed bandits also known as slot machines tend to return about 90% which is pretty loose for a casino compared to others around the United States. The table games of craps, roulette or those strange oriental games with the weird rules but plenty of spectators often have higher minimum bet amounts than some of the smaller casinos. Across the Strip Boulevard from the Mirage is the Casino Royal with very low minimum bet amounts in blackjack, roulette, and craps. To no surprise this relatively speaking hole in the wall is immensely popular for the twenty something crowd to drink-gamble-socialize. Alongside them are serious gamblers who like getting 100x odds on their craps bets with $1 minimums. Remember, always gamble responsibly.
  2. Take a break from the traditional gambling games and try some alternative gambling. For example, play in a poker tournament where a small investment of between $60 – $220 could net you $1,500 – $10,000. Also popular are blackjack tournaments. Another option is to just kick it for a few hours in the sports book where you can watch and legally bet on hundreds of sporting events. Generally speaking steer clear of the Keno, the odds in games like that are heavily tilted towards the house.
  3. Shopping because its common knowledge that money won at the casinos is perfectly spent at the mall. Endless rows of shops of every variety await your credit cards at several locations throughout the Vegas Strip, start at the Fashion Show Mall across from the Wynn.
  4. Shows because it is well known that the best actors, comedians, singers and performers love rocking the venues to huge crowds every day of the year.
  5. State of the art gaming with multi-player action all over the Strip. For some Gameworks is the best while others need the cup holders they provide at every video game machine in the ESPN Zone.
  6. Fremont Street Experience because free state-of-the-art light shows happen every hour in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. Other free things to do in Vegas like the outdoor casino shows can be found at the Bellagio fountains and the Treasure Island pirate ship battle.Bellagio-Dancing-Fountains
  7. Experience the Cloud Nine Balloon which is the biggest land tethered helium balloon ride in the entire universe. Picturesque 360 degree luxury gondola allows up to 30 riders to securely fly 500 feet above the city. Alternatively, for a few more dollars take your honey up in a helicopter ride above the strip and with the Grand Canyon not far away you can see that as well.
  8. Get married. Why not join the thousands getting hitched every day in Vegas. Getting married is not the only decision you will have to make, for one you will need to choose between the pricey casino weddings like on the gondola at the Venetian or for the quicker cheaper ceremonies that usually last less than an hour at many walk up or drive through places around town.
  9. Dining obviously is one of the most important activities. Pace yourself, because a buffet lunch followed by a New York strip steak for dinner can leave you feeling sluggish for the nightlife.
  10. Get your party on at the dance clubs and bars on top of the Vegas casinos. Go wild with amazing views of the Strip and loud music and nothings a better ice breaker with the cute brunette than “Isn’t that the most awesome view you’ve ever seen?”.

Vegas activities can hardly be summed up in a top 10 list because frankly there are just to many to put on such a short list. Additionally, every month many special Vegas events happen annually.

Las Vegas Attractions


  1. The Fountains at Bellagio are hard to miss because the spectacular dancing light and water show performs hourly. Choreographed to regularly changing musical favorites, the free Bellagio Fountains entertain thousands of pedestrians hourly along Las Vegas Boulevard in the heart of the Vegas Strip and is one of the top things to see if you are traveling on a budget in Vegas.
  2. If you were a fan of the movie “Jaws” than a stop at the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay is a must. This aquarium allows you to look eye to eye with hundreds of marine animals in one of the largest aquarium exhibits you will see anywhere in the world.
  3. The Fremont Street Experience is a multi-million dollar light show that dazzles onlookers with its city block wide Viva Vision Screen that hangs 90 feet in the air. For free every hour hundreds of people stare in awe for fifteen minutes at the best attraction in Downtown Las Vegas.
  4. Not cheap, but the Venetian’s Gondola Ride down the Grand Canal inside the casino is extremely romantic and an experience only a notch below the real thing in Venice, Italy.
  5. The Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel and Casino is a scaled down version of the real thing. In the heart of the Vegas Strip, take a trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower via the elevator for authentic French cuisine that will delight your taste buds for lunch or dinner and offers fantastic views of the Strip and the Bellagio Fountains.Las-Vegas-Paris-SignAttractions Eiffel Tower Las Vegas Paris Casino
  6. Attracting thrill seekers is the goal of the Stratosphere Casino which has an amusement park on top of its 151 story tower. The headline ride is the Big Shot that launches you 160 feet into the air at 45 mph in only 2.5 seconds, a force of 4Gs.Las-Vegas-Stratosphere
  7. New York New York Roller Coaster is another popular attraction. The flips and twists at high speed and the blending of the Vegas Strip lights will make your head spin.
  8. Sport car enthusiasts will be overwhelmed with the Wynn’s Penske Ferrari Maserati dealership. Even if you don’t plan on dropping hundreds of thousands for a beautiful red Ferrari you can still get a free close-up view of dozens of the sleekest sports cars or even rent an exotic car in Vegas and take a drive down the Las Vegas Strip Boulevard.
  9. Since the Volcano and Pirate Battle are both free and next to each other they are worth checking out when walking by on the Strip Boulevard. The semi-realistic Mirage Volcano erupts every 15 minutes while the Treasure Island Pirate Battleship Show goes off every 90 minutes from 4pm till 11:30pm daily.
  10. Art enthusiasts can enjoy the Gallery of Fine Art at the Bellagio and the Liberace Museum (just off the Strip on Tropicana Avenue). For just a minute of awe head downtown to see the world’s largest golden nugget 24 hours a day at the Golden Nugget Casino.

The one thing visitors will enjoy are the countless Vegas attractions. The Strip alone has dozens of top attractions that the casinos have heavily invested in to help attract visitors into their doors. Many attractions in Vegas occur off the Strip that are not owned by casinos, but the majority of the headline attractions can be found inside the enormous casinos that line Las Vegas Boulevard and entertain millions of tourists each year.

Las Vegas Strip Guide

I am in love with having fun on the Las Vegas Strip so much that I decided to create this Vegas visitors site to share my experiences and help answer some Vegas FAQ. I have been hanging out on the Vegas Strip for the past decade. The idea of Vegas Stripping means to have fun on the Las Vegas Strip Boulevard.

If you are asking yourself, what is Vegas Stripping then consider this: enjoying the strip means joining the hundreds of thousands of visitors experiencing the best of Las Vegas Boulevard right now. Sounds like fun, and that is truly what Vegas is all about.

Though I live in California, I visit the Las Vegas Strip many times each year and even lived there and had a Vegas job for an entire summer once. I have a pretty good idea on how to enjoy Vegas. So let me show you how you can be a Vegas Strip information pro from knowing the basics on gambling to knowing how to book a Vegas hotel room that is low cost and well positioned on the Strip. From knowing what to do when you fly into Vegas on a Friday afternoon to knowing which is the perfect casino pool to get your afternoon tan at to knowing the prime shopping spots to what you should do on your big night out on the town. Whether a family vacation with kids, bachelor party, visiting the University of Las Vegas or business trip let me give you some insight on where to go and what to do on the Vegas Strip.

For visitors, the Las Vegas experience can make your wildest dreams become reality. However, Las Vegas can be overwhelming to those unprepared for the fast paced atmosphere which is full of pleasures and temptations everywhere you look. Knowing where to find the Vegas Monorail and the Vegas Strip Boulevard crosswalks can help save you time and energy. Check out the Vegas Airport tips and some ideas on finding deals on Vegas airfare.

Las-Vegas-Osheas-CasinoThe purpose of this Las Vegas Strip guide is to focus on the best entertainment, excitement, fun and dining that is offered on the Las Vegas Bouldevard. The easy to follow Vegas top ten lists help thousands of visitors every year lay the groundwork for experiencing a vacation of a lifetime. Vegas is my playground where I have experienced everything from getting married at a Vegas wedding chapel to rooftop clubbing on New Years Eve. I want you to have the time of your life at energetic nightclubs, experience shows worth the price of admission and thoroughly enjoy any family or adult entertainment spot. Though the casinos and bright lights attract much of the attention, the Vegas Strip has something for everyone to enjoy. Use my top ten lists and the Vegas map to guide you through a city that is like no place on Earth.

Best of luck and happiness while enjoying Las Vegas.